Pinterest Managers sure are becoming a high-in-demand service!

I started offering Pinterest services in the fall of 2016, and I’ve never looked back since.

It was something that I honestly didn’t think much about beforehand. I just randomly stumbled upon the opportunity and decided to go for it.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Why? Because I work for myself, by myself, with my own schedule and at my own pace. I get to meet and work with inspiring and talented female entrepreneurs every day, and I get to say no to whomever I feel wouldn’t be a good fit (yep I’ve totally done it).

And best of all, I get paid to play on Pinterest.

No, that’s actually not the best part. The best part is that anyone can do it.

But, since I’ve gotten quite a few questions about this, I decided to make a list of what it takes, and what you need if you want to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

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How to know if you'd make a good Pinterest manager or Virtual Assistant.

1. You Need To Like Pinterest

For obvious reasons.

But seriously, if you don’t even like Pinterest you’re not going to love being a Pinterst VA or Manager. And if someone is paying you to handle this part of their business marketing (Pinterest is a very powerful marketing tool if used right) then you should probably like what you’re doing.

2. You Need Pinterst Knowledge

When I started out I barely had any Pinterest knowledge.

So I bought an online course called Become A Pinterest VA Today, which literally has all of the Pinterest and Tailwind instruction I needed. I learned exactly how to optimize my (or a client’s) account, schedule/automate with Tailwind and utilize Tailwind Tribes, create the best pin designs, how to set up and analyze promoted pins and everything in between.

3. You Need Virtual Assistant Knowledge

Again, something I did not have when I started. And, again, the other main reason why Become A Pinterest VA Today is such a good program. It includes everything I needed to know about Pinterest/Tailwind, AND everything I needed to know in order to start finding and landing clients. As well as information about business legalities, contracts, billing and invoicing information, how to do discovery calls plus so much more.

4. You Need Basic Business Tools

Basically you need a computer and access to the internet.

Everything else you might need along the way to grow your business is explained in the course I mentioned above. UPDATE: I recently wrote an entire extensive blog post on all of the business tools I use and why, with lots of tips and hacks to boot! Read it here.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where your clients live. It doesn’t matter what your technology preferences are. And it sure doesn’t matter how old you are (as long as you’re legal) or what type of previous education you have.

5. You Need The Right Mindset

Being your own boss can sometimes be difficult because you need to be self motivated and determined, even if things get hard.

So you must be teachable and always willing to learn, grow, and get better.

Also, you need in believe in yourself. You must allow yourself to believe that you can do this. I think leading with a positive mindset really is the only way to reach success.

What you need if you want to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Manager.

There are oodles of people/businesses out there who are looking for qualified individuals to take Pinterest marketing off their hands. And get this, I currently even have a wait list!

For more information on being a Pinterest VA, with loads of tips, visit this blog post!

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