Pinterest (a visual search engine) is one of the best – if not theee best – ways to drive traffic to your website.

Most people know what Pinterest is, and how to use it to pin ideas and inspiration. But leveraging Pinterest as an effective business tool is another thing entirely.

Whether you’re not sure how to strategically use it, don’t have the resources to learn it, or you just don’t have time to do it all, that’s where an experienced Pinterest VA/Manager comes in.

I offer a variety of top notch personalized Pinterest services to help you and your business make the most out of this powerful platform.

Pinterest Start Up – $200 one time fee

  • For those who do not yet have a Pinterest Account.
  • A complete account set up.
  • Comes with everything included in the Pinterest Account Reboot (see below).

Pinterest Account Reboot – $100 one time fee

  • A complete account audit and overhaul.
  • Includes an account “cleanup” to ensure everything looks tidy, organized and strategically laid out (don’t worry, I never delete anything).
  • Keyword rich descriptions for your profile, boards, and pins (so you rank higher in the Pinterest search).
  • Group board applications.
  • Customized updates where needed.
  • Recommended for those interested in Monthly Pinterest Management (see below), or if you’re simply looking for an affordable way to boost your presence on Pinterest.

*NEW!* Pinterst Account Audit – $50 one time fee

  • For those who would like to completely DIY their own Pinterest account, but could use a little strategic help and/or advice.
  • A 1/2 hour recordable zoom call, where we go over your entire account to discuss and suggest any beneficial changes, what’s working and what isn’t (based on analytics), what to focus on and what could be done differently.
  • Bring a notepad!

Monthly Pinterest Account Management – $150/month

  • 10 pins per day (this package is completely customizable, depending on your business needs).
  • A custom strategy of manual pinning and scheduled pinning, including Tailwind Communities (A Tailwind account is strongly recommended to maximize this package).
  • Includes a progress report at the end of each month.
  • Also includes one 1/2 hour video chat session per month.
  • Recommended for any type of business!

Custom Pin Designs – $75/10 pins

  • Need on-brand images to pin? This package can be delivered within 2-4 days!
  • Each created pin image comes with an optimized keyword rich description.











*NEW* Branded Pin Templates – $50/5 Templates

DIYing your own pin images is super simple if you have templates! Send me your brand info, I’ll design 5 customizable templates in Canva, then share the file with you so you can make copies and enjoy unlimited access to your own custom branded pin templates. Easy Peasy.

Custom Keywords – $20/10 keyworded pin descriptions, or $30/20 keyworded pin descriptions

  • Do you have your own branded images, but just need someone to keyword them for you? This à la carte package offers optimized keywords separately.
  • Send me your 10 (or 20) images, and I’ll do all the research to find you the best targeted keywords for each pin, written up in a 2-3 sentence format. I may even throw in a suggested hashtag or two!

If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest Services, you can email me your questions, schedule a free discovery call or video chat by contacting me at [email protected]!


P.S. I have a referral program! Receive 10% off any Pinterest package of your choice with each successful referral!



“Pollyann has really taken my Pinterst account and kicked it up a notch! It’s good to know that this part of my business is well taken care of and continually growing while driving traffic to my website. It’s obvious she loves what she does, and I’ve already referred her to a friend!” ~Ashley Diana (

“Pollyann not only helped me grow my Pinterest account, but her strategies and attention to detail were key in my organic growth. My list grows every single day and I continuously receive so many new clients and students from Pinterest! Highly recommend working with Pollyann!” ~Lindsay Maloney (

“I’m a millennial, so of course I use Pinterest AND I absolutely love it, but when it comes to actually creating and circulating my own pins for business, I had no idea where to start. I am in a creative industry, so I know how valuable Pinterest can be for traffic to my site, I just needed someone else to make that happen. Pollyann took the time to get to know me and my business, create visually appealing and on-brand pin images, and research the right group boards to join for my purposes. I am so excited to see where my Pinterest traffic can take my business in the future, thanks to Pollyann!” ~Linsey Marchant (