I recently wrote a post describing the basics of Pinterest and digging into the main points and best practices. So make sure you go read that if you haven’t already!

But I thought it would also be fun to share some relevant tips and tricks that could help you boost your Pinterest engagement.

Read on for 10 Pinterest tips you might not have tried yet!

10 Pinterest tips and tricks you might not have tried yet.

But first – a quick disclaimer. I have used all of these tips on a variety of accounts. Some tips work great for some accounts, some not so much. It’s up to you to play around with different strategies to figure out what works best for you! Read on and chances are you’l find at least a few ideas that might benefit your Pinterest account. 🙂

Upload A New Pin Directly To Pinterest

Not Tailwind.

You can even schedule several new pins at once with Pinterest’s built in pin scheduler. And be sure to Pin to the most relevant board first, then you can use tailwind to schedule it out to all of your other pertaining boards.

When Creating New Images, Use Photos That Pertain To Your Topic

Pinterest is getting smarter with its visual recognition, so make sure the image on your pin is on topic! Especially if you’re a food blogger, fashion blogger, craft blogger etc.

But even as business bloggers and product creators, where the niche isn’t necessarily as specific, it’s still important that the image on the pin relates to the topic. It’ll look professional and it makes more sense to your audience.

Create Seasonal Content

I know it can seem a little counter intuitive, but seasonal content tends to do reeeealy good on pinterest.

If you do it right.

The trick is to start pinning the seasonal stuff at least a month or two before the event. So Christmas posts should go up in October, Fall posts should start in August, summer content should get posted in the spring, etc. (click here for a comprehensive list of content ideas for each month of the year)

Get creative. Incorporating seasonal content isn’t as hard as it sounds. When in doubt, ALWAYS go to Pinterest to look for inspiration.

And the best part is you can dust it off, update it, and reuse it each year.

UPDATE! So Pinterest recently came out with Pinterest Trends, which will actually show you exactly when certain topics are at their most popular (Up until now we were just making educated guesses). It’s a pretty neat tool, I definitely suggest you go try it out!

Pin Popular Content

Even if it’s not yours.

If you see bomb content, don’t be afraid to share it! If other people like and share that pin it’ll boost your profile, which will get Pinterest to notice you and like you and give you more attention. And we all want Pinterest to like us and give us attention, right??

The same goes for Tailwind. That’s not to say that only high performing content should get shared, BUT, if it has a big number on the little blue flame in the right hand corner, consider sharing it with your audience. They might like it too!

Get Clues From Popular Pins

Like I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is the best place to go for inspiration.

Let’s say you saved a third party pin that took off. (It might seem like it’s overshadowing your own pins, but remember that Pinterest likes you when you share content that does well, and your pins might take off yet too so be patient!) Study that pin and discover why it did so well. Did it offer to solve a popular problem or pain point? Was it a really great image? If so what make it great? Did it have a compelling call to action? Also check out the description and look for keywords.

These ideas will help you create new images for your current posts, or you might come up with awesome ideas to create brand new content all together.

Your Brand Board

The very first board on your profile should only consist of your own content, and it should probably be named after your own website.

If someone comes to your profile, chances are they’ll want to see what you’re about and what kinds of things you pin (I do this all the time when people apply to my or my clients’ group boards). Having your brand board first makes it easy to see your content.

And if someone wants to only follow pins that get saved from your website, they know which board to follow!

Organize Your Account

Nothing makes me click away from an account faster than if it’s completely disorganized and disheveled – group boards scattered among business boards and random boards that don’t even have anything to do with anything.

After your brand board, place all of your other boards and try to have your best performing boards near the top (Tailwind analytics is a good place to find out which boards are doing well. UPDATE! Pinterest analytics can now also show you your best performing boards!). If you have seasonal boards, put them at the top at the appropriate time. Your group boards should go last, and any boards NOT pertaining to your brand or topic should be made secret.

 Keep People On Your Website

You don’t want a high bounce back rate!

The thing is, if you don’t have great content, no one will want to hang around your website. Creating good quality posts/freebies/landing and sales pages is what will ultimately get you success with Pinterest, and your business overall.

Bonus Tip! Add a pin it button to the images on your posts and pages so people can save directly from your website.

Promote A Pin

As of yet, promoted pins are relatively inexpensive (approxiately $10 per day to start). It’s the perfect way to give certain pins a boost, especially if you have something that you want to draw a lot of attention to. Or if you have a time sensitive pin and you don’t want to wait for months to let it gain traction organically.

If you don’t know how to properly promote a pin, hire this out to someone who does! (like moi, for instance :))

Use Pinterest As A User

The problem sometimes with these wonderful platforms, is that we often forget that they are for enjoyment as well.

I have found that when I just log on for the fun of it, start browsing and saving stuff that I’m genuinely interested in, it will often boost my own engagement as well.

Not everything has to be super strategic all the time. It’s totally ok to get back to basics and use Pinterest yourself for what it was created – to help you discover new ideas!

10 Pinterest tips and tricks you probably haven't thought of yet.

Leave a comment if you have any other ideas or questions!♥