The word hygge has sure had its 15 minutes, it was everywhere the last couple of years. It seems to have fizzled a bit now, but truth be told I’m just not done with it yet. I still love the word because hygge is the kind of person that I love to be. The meaning is kind of hard to explain (a Danish word – usually pronounced hue-guh) but to me it’s best described like this: Mindful soulfulness that is cozy and cute feeling.

Is it possible to live a hygge life when you feel like your life is falling apart? You can have a hygge home and lifestyle with these mindful ideas.

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My absolute favourite hashtags to follow on Instagram are #hyggelife and #cozyliving. I love it when these images show up on my feed, they feel so comforting and happy.

Let’s be real though, life is nothing like Instagram. I love me my IG, but it does not do real life justice. Sometimes life feels like it’s falling apart (like for example now with all this Covid business going on).

Sure, I can take a lovely pic of me in my oversized sweater with leggings and cute socks next to my sleeping cat while reading a book and sipping tea out of a cheeky mug. That oozes hygge. But chances are that in the background my sink is one dirty dish away from over flowing. Not to mention we’re in the thick of renovating our home from top to bottom, and we still haven’t unpacked all the boxes from the move last summer. There are literally boxes in our living room and bedroom, and half the rooms don’t even have doors at the moment.

And those are only the physical surroundings. Personally, I struggle with things like germaphobia and intense feelings of inadequacy when it comes to parenting, especially a strong willed teen. Point is, we all have our struggles and imperfections. Most of the time it feels miles away from that peaceful and perfect hygge feeling I love so much.

But I’ve learned two important things. First of all hygge is a frame of mind, and mindset is everything. Secondly, it’s the little things…


A person could write an entire long winded blog post on the topic of mindfulness alone. Slowing down, taking the time to notice and enjoy life and feel gratitude is essential.

Stop to smell the flowers and admire them, their colors and the way they’re shaped. One of my favourite childhood memories is of my mom, sister and I stopping whenever we saw pretty wildflowers on the side of the road. We’d pull over and pick flowers together (sometimes it was only a bunch of cattails – which my mom would drench in hairspray so they wouldn’t poof all over the house #bonustip). And yes, Hygge is totally a thing in the spring and summer as well! Not just for fall and winter.

I hardly ever do that anymore. Even if I do see wildflowers, I’m usually too busy to stop. But I love those memories and I think it’s important to pause just to think about loved ones every now and then. Better yet, intentionally reach out in your relationships regularly. (I know everyone already knows this, but we could all use a reminder once in a while!)

Even something as simple as taking a minute to just feel yourself breath can do wonders for the mind. I find this helps to really live in the moment better.

P.S. Yes, hygge is totally a thing in the spring and summer as well, not just for the colder months!

Physical Space

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about our living space is declutter. Seriously, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind, and a cluttered mind is not at peace.

Funnily enough, my word that I chose for 2018 was organized. Oh how life has given me the opportunity (ahem forced) to get myself organized this year. But by the end it I’ll be a lot more organized, and a lot less cluttered, than I was at the beginning.

I’ve heard good things about the book 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life by fellow blogger Ruth Soukup. It’s about decluttering the home but also your schedule and your mind. I haven’t read it yet but it’s definitely on my tbr list for the year 2019 (aka saved on Amazon Prime). Please let me know if you’ve read it and what you think!

Also, I love filling my space with the little things that bring me joy. A flickering candle on my bedside table as I read a book (this one goes well with the theme of mindfulness), a cute Tinkerbell mug to better enjoy my hot drink, A cozy throw and decorative pillow on the couch as we snuggle up to a late night movie date after the kids are in bed. After all, hygge is at it’s best when there’s togetherness. I’m a frugal person so by no means do I think hygge should cost a lot, but your environment is important.

Head Space

On that note, what we consume is also super important. Over the years I’ve learned just how imperative it is to be aware of what I’m watching and listening to. Everything your brain eats affects your life, so be very mindful.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. ~ Philippians 4:8

Most importantly, be careful of what you say to yourself. We talk to ourselves more than anyone else does, as the saying goes. Make sure you’re saying the right things.

And never under estimate the power of a quote.

Quotes are everywhere and they always have been, but the popularity of quotes has definitely risen with social media. Everyone loves them. They’re short, to the point, relatable, funny, inspiring and often very truthful (and sometimes challenging). All the things.

I recently got a letter board to display my favourite quotes. I’m so basic but I don’t care, quotes are such a big part of life for me! And it looks so cute on my living room shelf. 🙂

Heart warming life quote that'll make you feel warm and cozy inside. Cozy quotes, hygge quotes, relationship quotes.

One last tidbit of wisdom from little old me. The best cure for My Life Is Falling Apart Syndrome, is to help someone else. Currently we are living in a very big “Self Care” culture, which is good and all, but nothing will put your own pieces back together like helping another with theirs.

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