For most of us online business owners, Pinterest is the start of our sales funnel. We post pins that link to our website, which is one of the best ways to drive large amounts of traffic.

The thing is, developing a successful Pinterest strategy depends on many things. There is no one size fits all. I have helped many clients establish a viable Pinterest strategy. I have also maintained and managed many different types of Business Pinterest accounts. And no two are alike!

Before I dive into it, I just want to mention this blog post that contains information on understanding the basics of Pinterest. And if you want more Pinterest tips and tricks, check out this blog post. Also, if you’re interested in any type of Pinterest Services, you can find out more by clicking here.

So, there have been times when a Pinterest account seems to need what I call “a boost”. Many Pinterest experts will say that Pinterest gives each user some sort of a score. If you have a high score, meaning your content gets a lot of engagement (saves and clicks), then the Pinterest aglorithm is more likely to show your content to more people.

I’ve found easy ways that are very effective in boosting most types of Pinterest accounts. Now keep in mind that these suggestions don’t necessarily lead to clicks to your website. They are more for the purpose of directly growing your Pinterest account within itself, so that you have a stronger Pinterest presence to work with. Please note that you do not need a huge platform to get any sort of success from Pinterest. We all need to start somewhere! So here are 4 ways you can boost your Pinterest account!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. So If you make a purchase using my links, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Don’t worry, I never promote anything I don’t use fully believe in!

4 easy ways you can give your pinterest account a major boost

Promoted Pins

This is the only strategy that costs money, I promise! Even then, promoted pins are a relatively low cost. Monica over at Redefining Mom has tons of info regarding Pinterest Ad Campaigns, so it’s totally something you can do yourself. But this is one of the many services I offer as a Pinterest VA for people who don’t have the time or interest to learn and do it themselves.

Not only will Promoted Pins boost your impressions, saves, and clicks, but you’ll also receive a wealth of information on your ad campaign analytics, even more so than in your business analytics!

Create More Pins

Pinterest Headquarters has recently come out and informed us that they prioritize fresh images over repinned images. This made a lot of people freak out because it was interpreted like every single image we give to Pinterest should be fresh. I don’t think that’s true at all. I definitely think that Pinterest wants us to be consistently putting out new content and fresh pins. However I also strongly believe that it is perfectly fine, even beneficial, to repin or save old content. Strategically. Every so often I’ll cycle through my older images that I haven’t been pinned in a few months, and I usually get more saves and clicks. I’m also a strong believer in sharing other’s content as well, especially if your in Tribes and Group Boards.

The amount of fresh pins I recommend depends on the account. Normally I would say try to give Pinterest a new pin at least every other day, but I think adding more than one new pin per day begins to be counter productive. They sort of just start getting lost in the feed. (…For some accounts, perhaps not all – if you get success from adding 5 new images a day that’s great!) Remember, the quality of the pin is still super important. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity!


Quotes get a lot of attentions everywhere – on Instagram, on Facebook and Twitter, and on Pinterest! Pinning a pretty and catchy quote may not necessarily generate clicks to your website, but it will almost definitely get you major impressions and saves and quite possibly even comments. This will tell Pinterest that you put out content that your audience loves and therefor they should show more people more of your pins!

Pin From Your Following Tab

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but it often works so I still think it’s worth mentioning. This is not a fancy strategy, it’s kind of like your grandma’s recipe where she tells you to add a handful of this or try a throwing in a pinch of that, lol.

But I’ll tell you what I normally do. Take a few minutes, a few times a week, and just sit down and save a few pins from your following feed (the people/boards you follow). Also go ahead and save a few pins from your home feed! This will give Pinterest a better idea of what you like to see. Plus, Pinterest likes it when you log in and interact directly with the platform every once in a while.


If you’re intrigued by my side hustle as a Pinterest VA, I highly recommend you read this blog post. Or go check out this website, you won’t regret it!

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