About Me

Hi and welcome! I’m Polly, a Canadian Blogger and Pinterest VA/Manager. As well as a wife and mom, among many other mundane yet wonderful things. I like to create, I love to travel and eat food, I laugh a lot (and cry a lot, too).

I’m a reader and writer at heart, but for some reason it took me years to finally start my own blog. My excuse was classic – I didn’t have the time. Until 2017. That’s when I just decided I was going to dive in and do it, so I started A Cozy Blog. Since then I have journeyed through all kinds of online ups and downs, evolved, and rebranded into what is now Virtual PEP.

I’m all about people living their best lives, so I love to blog not only about business and entrepreneurship, but also heart and soul life stuff as well. There’s nothing like encouraging others and being encouraged over a virtual cup of tea. ♥


Email: [email protected] .com